How You Can Help!

DownsSteam Tourist Railway and Museum is a great volunteer organisation that welcomes everyone, no matter your background or previous experience. Our members come from all walks of life and have a huge variety of skills. You don't need specialist railway knowledge, just a willingness to help out.

At DownsSteam we do our utmost to provide prospective volunteer’s with a happy and harmonious workplace. The DownsSteam precinct has a ‘can-do’ atmosphere and a willingness to make things happen. Our existing volunteers are friendly, inclusive and fun to be around. These energetic and enthusiastic folk have found meaning, purpose and fulfillment from the job they do, whether working as an individual or in a team.

You can begin your volunteering path immediately with no prerequisites as we have many ’entry level’ jobs and tasks that need to be done, whilst making some great friends along the way. Our management and team leader’s do their utmost to link activities to a volunteer’s own individual intrinsic passions and drives to fulfill a prospective volunteer’s sense of purpose and belonging in our organisation. We offer valuable in-house training to any volunteers interested in furthering their progress in our organisation, which may also assist with their study or work opportunity pathways.

Professional and trade volunteers are encouraged and welcomed to join our innovative technical volunteer teams as their valuable skills are critical to our projects progress.

The DownsSteam management team sincerely appreciates the time and selfless efforts the volunteers donate to our beautiful trains, carriages and precinct as a whole. Volunteering is a critical and an integral part of DownsSteam’s success.

So, if you can assist around our office, are handy with the tools, a keen gardener, into marketing and publicity, or would love to join our very active catering section you'd be more than welcomed. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make new friends and to be part of an organisation that is really going to benefit the region, why not come and see us? All volunteers must be current financial members to be covered for insurance

For more information please contact a volunteer member at the DownsSteam precinct by phone or better still, come and meet our team and take a friendly guided tour of our facilities.